Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

For C.W. Are you lighter? Your heart, Let it rise Up To feel His presence.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I fill my mind with spirit waiting
Spirit taking clinging snapshots of
Pale blue & dry brushed kiss away
But not far not long there they sit
Biding their time they know spirit is
Fleeting & love's long bond
Will pull me back to you.

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Today your name was mentioned, casually
By Joel he saw you briefly at Millie's on Sunset
To eat at my old familiar local white tile red vinyl corned
Beef hash potatoes fried egg a bitter cup of Joe
And you.
Your name mentioned, casually and my heart plummets
Lost again in you.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Silence slips in on baited breath, frozen, vibrating.
The Hag sits on legs on groin on chest, suffocating, familiar blur of laser pink pulse,
moving so slowly, closer, talons hold breath in the
vitreous humor illuminated, illuminating motes of interlocked white chains
pulsing in time with the tumult of a thousand oceans, all ebb no flow, nebulous
titter of something(s), small, calculating so close you can smell how clean how
void of feeling.


Septicemia - Died of septicemia following operation for bladder stones

Suicide - gun

Cancer / tumors - misc. - Embryonal cell carconoma of the mediastinum

Paralysis / lameness - Painting hand paralyzed following two strokes


Heart attack

Cancer / tumors - brain

Aortic aneurysm - Given a transfusion of blood from Indira Gandhi

Influenza - fatal - Died of influenza complicated by urosepsis and multi-organ failure

Murder or execution - misc. and unusual - Tortured


Murder or execution - misc. and unusual - Starved to death in prison


Suicide - Drug overdose - heroin and cocaine

Surgery - fatal: genotourinary - Died following kidney surgery

Accident in transit - automobile - Was driving while under the influence of alcohol


Wounded in the hand; later shot by his own men; died of pneumonia after amputation

Alzheimer's disease
Suicide - drug / poison - Heroin and cocaine

Gastrointestinal hemorrhage (Internal bleeding)


Prostate disease - Died of a prostatic abscess

Suicide - asphyxia - Gas from oven

Suicide - drug / poison - Unintentional overdose - loritab and valium

Asphyxia - Suffocated during the eruption of Vesuvius


Died either of the effects of alcohol on 'his weak heart' or of rabies

Murder or execution - shot

Trauma - sharp object - Stabbed in lung and stomach

Jump / fall

Drowning - Boating accident


Gangrene - Fatal gangrene following a toenail injury

Cancer / tumors - breast

Trauma - Blunt object - Hit over the head with a shovel


Father on a long walk, somewhere between Lusk and a Hard Place
arrowheads, fossils, rattlesnake (Dem'ser Dime on Backs,son)
coulda been the Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water anyway,
Pop had to, he was stealing their money, most of 'em barely spoke
english, he was a hero, really.
Probly buried him with the same shovel he brained him with.
Nobody ever said nothin, somewhere between Lusk and a Hard Place,

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

new website

New website with director of photography info.

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